China Environment

P1_1_2000The Research Group on China’s Environmental Governance (RGCEG) is a UChicago-based team effort aimed at a better understanding of China’s environmental performance and governance. It offers undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Chicago hands-on experiences to conduct research on China’s environment and governance. Members of the team are from multiple programs, including Biological Sciences, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Public Policy. The team initially focused its efforts on building a database on China’s environmental performance. At the present team members are conducting research on a range of topics that help to elucidate the trends and dynamics of China’s environmental governance.

Project Team

Faculty Director: Dali Yang

Coordinator: Wenjun Liu

Dongya Huang, Associate Professor of Political Science, Sun Yatsen University in Guangzhou. She works with Dali Yang on SOEs and Environmental Regulation in China.

Graduate and undergraduate associates in 2014/15 academic year:

Xiaodu Huang, Michael Jia, Chenyu Qiu, Yuting Shao, Haonan Zhou, Licheng Zhu (through Winter Quarter 2015)

Summer 2014:

A team of 11 students including Metcalf interns in Public Policy was based in UChicago Center in Beijing to conduct research on China’s public policy, especially environmental governance.  Activities included analysis of regulatory trends and local government initiatives, data analysis, interviews and site visits of people and locations.


Graduate students: Di Tang and Chenyu Qiu

Undergraduate students: Bowen Bao, Pempen Chiang, Xiaodu Huang, Michael Jia, Kristin Lin, Tyler Ross, Yuting Shao, Geoffrey Wang, Haonan Zhou

Topics examined include:

Air pollution in Beijing and Hebei; Huai River pollution; industry-specific pollution; Waste Incineration

Public attitudes toward the environment

The Politics of GMOs

Issues of environmental governance, including information transparency, monitoring,  environmental impact assessment; the revision of the environmental protection law.


Graduate and undergraduate associates 2013-14 academic year:

Senior Graduate Associates: Christina Jenq, Mingyi Zhang

Bowen Bo, Howard Fang, Xue Gong, Lingyi Peng, Holly Sze, Francesca Tottorff, Kristina Yu, Lukun Zhang

Summer 2013: 

Graduate Associates: Mingyi Zhang, Fangsheng Zhu

Metcalf Interns: Liyi Peng and Lukun Zhang

Research Interns: Elaine Tang and Kristina Yu

2012-2013 academic year: Fangsheng Zhu, Francesca Tottorff, Howard Fang, Won Lee, Sen Tian, Lukun Zhang, Mingyi Zhang

Summer 2012:

Interns or Research Assistants: Zhen Hao Chew, Benjamin Struve, Dan Wang, Wendy Wei, Jin Yang

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